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February 28, 2011

I'M DRY ...

My skin was super dry this weekend, so I went to
And purchased this new product. I have to say I was kind of excited, it smelled great, and felt great in my hands so I put some on my face. I tried it and it felt great at first but maybe my skin was extremely dry because it really only made a small difference.
I will continue to use it to see if it takes some time. But for now, not to impressed.

Have you tried it ? What do you think ?


February 23, 2011

Face Time

New Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup.
The back of the Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup said, "Instant hydration with a flawless luminous finish. All day wear."
The hydration comes from coconut water. And it's spf 13.
They have a lot of pretty colors, but I picked up just a few.
Plus it comes with a little foundation brush, that was actually pretty cool.

Check out there website:


February 20, 2011

Let's Roll

I know everyone has curling irons and such. But these are still cool to use.
We use to use an old tshirt rip it up and use that to make curls for our hair.
What do you use ?

February 18, 2011

Your So Fat, Contest !!

Yeah, that's right !
I said it.

Your so fat !!! And I luv it !!
I want to thank my daughter for sharing this one with me :)

I have 5 in total, so one per winner.

To enter the contest, entrants must be following my Twitter account (@ASecondChance)


Follow @ASecondChance on Twitter.

Tweet the following message:
Enter to win fat hair from @ASecondchance

Send out the tweet exactly how it appears.

The first 5 people will win Fat Hair Spray !!!


February 16, 2011

Make My Eyes Beautiful !

This is a pretty decent, natural mascara that doesn't go overboard with clumping or flaking. It gives a little volume and length, and I think this does just fine for my needs for an everyday mascara. I did get this in all the colors for eyes and I got what I paid for and after using it a couple of times, I have to say it is worth it.
Would I recommend it to the Glam Girls in love with drama eyes ?
Ummm No, That's not what this does. It says it will make your eyes color pop, its not going to make that happen.
I also wear problem with this and no irritation. which I luv.
It's Cover Girl,
You can purchase this at any drug store or supermarket.


February 15, 2011

Kiss My Red Lips

I am on the hunt for yet more beautiful red lipsticks.
Let's see how these hold up. Some times colors are to red, coral, yellow, etc.

Ok, let me just tell you I love matte lipsticks, I like the texture that was in the 80s.

If you have the perfect red lipstick let me know what it is.
Share with me, don't hog it all for yourself !!!


February 14, 2011

Kisses From Hong Kong !

I had this beautiful purse custom made for me.
And it traveled all the way from Hong Kong.

Which is so cool.
I joined a cool site named :

And have met some talented people with amazing skills.
From hand made paintings,
to clothing, extra special pieces.

Kiss Kiss Cotton Fabric Purse with Red Heart Charm (Metal Frame)

By CottonTimes

Check it out !


February 12, 2011

Your As Beautiful As A Flower

Flower #2

You are as beautiful
as a flower. So why not add these pretty earrings to your collection. If you are interested in these leave a comment below...
Or if you just want to comment on how weird it is to have flower earrings then leave that comment below to ; )

Your Still The One

I have liked and purchased a lot of perfumes.
And in the end,
I always go back to my favorite Chanel. It is and always will be a classic for me.

What's your favorite ?


February 11, 2011

Rain Bottle

I found yet another cool bottle to recycle.
I like the rain lettering so that part I will be leaving alone.

But on the bottom I will be taking off the lettering from there.
Then I will add bubble bath to it.

What would you use this bottle for ?
Lotion, oil, etc...

Have You Ever Wanted To Capture The Beach In A Bottle ?

If you ever had one of those beautiful days on the beach, and tried to keep the memory alive without all the mess ; )

Then here's your chance.
Another very cute pair of earrings, that can also be used on a tie, hat, as a button on a blouse.

Whatever your little heart desires.
If you are interested in this pair, please leave a comment below ...

Or if you just want to say it's cute, leave a comment for that too ; )

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