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October 31, 2010

Drama ! Drama ! Drama

I think my outfit speaks for it's self.
H&M blue jean skirt.
T-shirt, I <3 drama !
You’ve seen these saying shirts a few times.
So What are you dressing up as for halloween ?

- A Second Chance Around

What's the secret to happiness?


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October 28, 2010

Nothing To Wear

When all else fails, grab a piece of fabric & design your own outfit.

- A Second Chance Around

October 27, 2010

Nothing To Look At Here

So here's the story on this one.
I tried it & was not impressed at all with it. Yes it's waterproof & it's mascara but nothing special besides that. No length, no thickness.
This will not be a product I will purchase again.

Then again that's just my thoughts.

- A Second Chance Around

October 26, 2010

Look At My Eyes

I think this would be my 3rd favorite product of all time if they made it waterproof, other then that I truly like this product.

- A Second Chance Around

October 21, 2010

In Need Of Support

Today's a great day. I'm in Central Florida collecting for
Here's my outfit for the day comfy & cute. Seeing how I needed support for everything I have done to get this ready, I see my suspenders being my second biggest support. Friends & Family being the first. Let me thank everyone for their support in this cause. I will be posting a blog later of the days events.
; )

They are a textile recycling company specializing in recycling used and unused bras. A portion of the bras collected is donated to deserving women in communities around the world. They are doing their part to impact the environment by delaying the amount of unused bras/textiles that go to our landfills, thus reducing the pressure on virgin resources.

What Types of Bras Are Needed?
Bras in good condition; Clasps and straps need to be functional
All sizes and styles of bras, especially larger-sized bras (38 and up)
Special needs bras, post breast surgery and maternity bras

Note: If bras are new please keep the tags on the bras. Recipients of the bras appreciate knowing the bras they are receiving are new.
Recovering and Recycling Your Bras
We make it easy for you to recover and recycle all of the old or new bras sitting in your lingerie drawers waiting to be worn by a deserving woman in your community.

Send all your bras to:

A Second Chance Around
P.O Box 1319
Hallandale, F.L 33008

Learn more,

- A Second Chance Around

October 20, 2010

Purple Love #PURPLE #FCKH8 #SPIRITDAY #AllyWeek

Today's colors are being worn for #PURPLE #FCKH8 #SPIRITDAY #AllyWeek

RT - Please tell people why you are wearing purple today for #SpiritDay - speak out against anti-LGBT bullying! #LGBT

- A Second Chance Around

October 19, 2010

So Many Shoes, So Little Time

So many shoes & what I am loving the most are the boots.
So many boots from my past I'm having flashbacks ..

I do have to say this display
gave me a great idea for a
design I had thought of.
So it's time to get the pencil
to the paper & draw.

- A Second Chance Around

Today I Feel A Little Blue

Look of the day for me.
Hope everyone has a beautiful day today.
My blouse is from XOXO

- A Second Chance Around

October 18, 2010

Show Some Skin

I purchased this lace dress, when I was feeling a bit daring.
So now I have to pick a special night to wear it.

- A Second Chance Around

October 17, 2010

Pillow Kiises

My mom got me this cute kisses pillow.
Thank you mom ..

- A Second Chance Around

October 15, 2010

Jump On In To Style

This jumpsuit is cute & comfy which is fashion fabulous & outstanding. Comes with pockets. You can wear this jumpsuit in different kinds of occasions.

- A Second Chance Around

October 14, 2010

October 13, 2010

Red Hot

Wearing something in red is always a Hot choice.
I purchased this sexy number some time ago, yet I still find it to be one of my favorites.

- A Second Chance Around

October 11, 2010

Sexy In Black

Adorable black dress from LA made. Black with straps.

Perfect for a night out or as a day time dress.
I think it looks adorable with a belt.

- A Second Chance Around

October 8, 2010

Classic White Tshirt Dress

Seeing how I live in Florida, we pretty much have summer all the time.
So for Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall it’s almost always Hot !
So for us to still wear summer clothes is pretty normal. I luv that I can put
this on and add a belt with some cute shoes
& Im ready to go.

- A Second Chance Around

October 7, 2010

Red is Fabulous !!

How pretty is this tote from Neiman Marcus.
Someone in YouTube world is getting this. Will it be YOU ?
Click on the photo.. Blogger is being funny with pictures..

- A Second Chance Around

Off The Shoulder Dress

I purchased this sexy little number for an opening we have this weekend. It's form fitting & yet not tight to the point that you can not sit in it. I adore how the black & white look.

I am still debating on what shoes to wear with this.
Do you have any good ideas ?

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What celebrity would play you in a movie about your life?

lol, I would have @FRANDRESCHER or @LISALISA play me..
that would be pretty cool...

Ask me anything !

Do you believe in fate?

Of course I do !
anyone who knows me knows that.

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October 5, 2010

Perfect In Purple

This cute purple sweater was purchased at Target.
The purple skirt was purchased at Forever21.

I luv to wear it with a white tshirt.
(as you can see in the picture)

- A Second Chance Around

October 4, 2010

Kiss Me

Big Kisses to you all this morning.
I adore waking up in the morning & always having a kiss ready to go !

- A Second Chance Around

October 3, 2010

Bikini Time ...

Crochet bikini...
I luv this white bikini from
Victoria's Secret

- A Second Chance Around

October 2, 2010

Kiss Me All Over !

OMG !!!!!!!
Look what I came home to..
I am dying !!!!
Hubby had this made for me and set it all up. It's a just because present.
Hubby is soooo not a PITA today.. LoL

It's so beautiful. I love it !
Thank you so much Hubby
**Kisses** right back at you.

- A Second Chance Around

October 1, 2010

Sleek & Cute !!

These cute shorts I purchased
@ Worth Repeating :

They are a company based in Wilton Manors, Florida.

If you happen to be in the area check them out !
1732 NE 26th st
Wilton Manors, F.L 33305

Price ranges for different merchandise...

- A Second Chance Around

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