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May 31, 2011

It's time for a #late #snack #yummy ...

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Waiting for the storm ...

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Give me a #Big #wet #kiss #swak

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My #mom got me #Kisses #throw #blanket

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These are the only #fish I can keep alive ;) it's a wall outlet #night #light

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May 24, 2011

Whats on the #menu tonight for #dinner ? #Arroz con #Frijoles ... #Yummy

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This is how I am #feeling today. #Time to #rest #Buddah .

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What's That Smell ?

One scent I hadn’t heard of until recently was Kai Fragrance, a wonderful perfume, bath, bodycare fragrance company. I was off on a fabulous weekend with hubby at the W hotel and came across this wonderful fragrance at their shops.

I was excited to purchase the kai gift set.  It comes with kai roll-on perfume oil , a kai body lotion and a kai fragrance candle with matches. The body wash is also in this cute little white bag. I dont know if my gift set was tampered with seeing how I didn't receive the cute little towel  : (
Then again I wont complain since I also did not pay the $110.00 price. So I won't complain about a hand towel : )
I was not thrilled with the candle. I really didn't smell anything from it.
But all and all I am a fan with the lotion and oil !!
That's why I purchased extra lotions and oils.
kai is not sold directly on the website, but can be purchased at W Hotel, many different online retailersboutiques and stores across the US.                   


May 20, 2011

Just left my #baby at grandmas house ;) #puppy #love #dogs

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Waiting for the #Bridge to go down.

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Don't Bother Buying This Product

I purchased this product in order to straighten my wavy hair. I purchased this product at target.

So I plugged it in and waited for it to heat up. Then I used it.
My hair heated but stood wavy & took an extra long time to just look like I woke up with bed head and not in a sexy way. LoL

Don't waste your time , gas , or money purchasing this product.
You'll just be disappointed ;(

*time to make a return*


This is by far my most #comfy #friday #clothes . I Luv #Sexy #Fashion

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New Cab Service Around Miami ;)

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Just had a wonderful time with #hubby. Now it's time for a #snack

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May 18, 2011

My Mom's Coffee Is The Best

My Mom deserves this blog all on her own. Not only for all the great things I have learned from her, but for all the wonderful things she has taught me along the way. These are special things that will always stay in my heart.

I just pray that threw the years I have taught my kids & they have just learned from watching me all the great tradition that have been passed down.

What I miss is not having my brother or sister here to share it with them.
But I pray I have passed down some of it to their kids.

To own what your family is and be proud no matter what the situation is & to be happy for all the little things in life.
Which are just some of the things we need to hear in our life.

I miss our family, we started out so big. And now there is just a handful of us left.

We have all made our different paths in life, and I am happy with mine. I have had a roller coaster of a ride but I would not change it for one minute. In the end it has put me in the path of some wonderful people and a beautiful family that have their own opinions and take full advantage of their lives.

We may not always be able to get what we want when we want it, but in the end we get what we need.

And that's just perfect for me !

Thank you MOM !!


I Luv My #Apple #Chanel #Perfume

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Apple Socks

Here's a new way to use those awesome socks you got from Apple Stores !

I find different reasons to use mine.

Do you have any of these cute socks ? Let me know, maybe we can make a trade for them.

If you have some just taking up space please send me an email :


Taking A Late Stroll & The Moon Is Beautiful !


May 16, 2011

My Ballet Shoes

I like my ballet shoes, they are very comfy. Here's a link if you want to check out some more cute shoes.

We're mad about ballet flats.


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