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January 31, 2011

Shoe Contest Gianni Bini

Time for a Shoe Contest !!
I luv these.

A Second Chance Around is giving away these beautiful size 7 1/2 shoes.


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Tweet the following message:
Enter to win Shoes from @ASecondChance ! Pls RT.

Create a Work of Art of Red Lips. Paint it, Draw it, make it out of clay, paper, glass, whatever your imagination can think of.
Just make sure lips are red.

Send it in to :
A Second Chance Around
P.O Box 1316
Hallandale, F.L 33008

The winner must have a shipping address.

This contest ends Feb 25th 2011.
So get started !!!

I will be having so many contest for awesome items.

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Have a Great Day !
Good Luck !

January 28, 2011

I Don't Like It ...




Christian doesn't seem to like his new shirt... LoL

Gee I wonder why ?

While you are here today, please take a peek at this wonder website.

I know things are tight everywhere but any help you can donate would be Fabulous.

And I know my fellow twitters and Bloggers are


Nothing is to small or big.

I know we can help.

Glimmer of Life, Small Dog Rescue in South Florida

Glimmer of Life is a non-profit, no-kill small dog rescue located in South Florida. Looking to adopt a small dog?

Click Here!

January 27, 2011

Kisses To All Of You

Life just got a little more cuter. How do you like his first company photo ?
I adore it.

Welcome to the newest member of the family. Christian has already blessed our bed last night. And the barking he did was so cute I could not stop laughing. He truly fits into the crazy family just right.

I will be sharing new adventures w/ Christian as time goes on. So be prepared... LoL

January 26, 2011

Christian Is Coming Home

Today is a very exciting day. I get to bring Christian Home. I'm so happy. Chanel has to come home later but that's ok it gives me time to set up the playpen for them both.

And in case your wondering yes, Christian is a boy and Chanel is a girl. These are my babies, and of course I have CoCo and Louis.


January 25, 2011

I'm Beggin You !!!

Pleasssssssse give me one.
Pleasssse , I just want one.

Give it to me !!!

That's it ! I'm not moving from here till you give me one.
I will stay here forever !!!

is he not the cutest thing ?

Get Your Head Out Of There !

Today I decided to buy - Archer Farms Cashews, butter crunch cashews.
They taste so good and make a cool snack.
I was so excited that I got them. I opened it up and went to grab a soda.

You will not believe what I found inside of it.?!?

Can you believe this !!!!
My dogs thought is was a snack. Look at him go at it.
So much for my snack.
Now I have to go back and buy another one.

Does your dog get into stuff ? I know I can't be the only one.
; )

January 24, 2011

Strap Me Down With Christian Louboutin

Mad Marta 150mm
No. 1110487GY6H
This strappy shoe boot, covered in fishnet and suede,
With a sky-high heel and edgy, buckled detail,

I adore the color Taupe.
Reminds my of my coffee.
The fit is perfect as always.
I like the Suede and Fishnet
very sexy.

Its 6 inches approx. - 150 mm approx.
The Arch 4 inches approx. - 100 mm approx.
The Platform Height 50 inches approx. - 50 mm approx.

It's from the collection of
Spring-Summer 2011

These are my favorite to wear with tights and skirts and of course jeans.
Very sexy !

How would you wear them?
Would you pick another color ?

Let me know what you think.

January 23, 2011

Should I Trade Up For A @Volkswagen

Taking a look at this nifty VW, I like it. I think I kinda look cute in this car. Maybe I should drive this one around Miami. I know the color is super cute and there's plenty of room for the kids... LoL

What do you guys think ?

Time To Get Drunk ... Not

Recycle, Reduse, Reuse !

Today I felt like showing you some of my favorite R.R.R ( Recycle, Reduse, Reuse ) tricks.

Do you have a great bottle of glass you just finished drinking, but don't want to throw the bottle away ?

I do, so this is what I do.
I take the glass bottle and rinse it out with warm water & soap.

Then I take all the stickers of it.
Like the ones that you see here that say Patron.

Now, if you also like the stickers then you can always leave them on.

This project is done with glass bottles, but you can use plastic ones if you like.

I like having a beautiful bath time with oils & bubbles.
So this is a pretty way to display your pretty bottles.
Now that my bottles is empty and clean. This is what I pour into them.
It takes about 4 of these plastic bottles to refill one of my glass bottles.

Now that I have filled my glass bottle up with my fav bath oil, I place it next to my tub and it looks great.

Of course you can always use those 4 plastic bottles for something else. Or you can put them to be recycled.

Hope this will inspire you to create your own project.

Let me know what you created, I luv to hear new ideas.

January 19, 2011

Lick Your Lips

Here's the magazine advertisement that started the shopping ; )

First things first, I want to thank Eric at Aventura Mall for the awesome service he gave me. If you have the luck in having him help you it will be worth it.
( He will go the extra mile to help and sell you more... LoL )
Just kidding.

So here are the new Clinique - chubby stick moisturizing lip balms.

Now don't let the color of these sticks fool you.
They don't really have a dark tint. They go on very smooth, and keep your lips soft. The tint is light which makes it perfect for a touch of color without it being to dark on your lips.

I would say this is the perfect lip balms for anyone who wants to look natural & not to made up.

Which would go great with the mascara I blogged about yesterday.

Link for the mascara is :

How do you wear your makeup ?
do you have some ideas for a natural look or more of a made up look ?

Let me know what brands you think are great.

Contest to win a free Clinique Chubby Stick will be posted later this week
on my Youtube Page.

Make sure you are a follower on Twitter and a subscriber on my

Youtube Channel @

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