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October 31, 2011

I haven't had this in a while for breakfast. But I'm so in the mood for it.

October 27, 2011

Mmmmm Yummy 💋


Kitty Wants To Play !

Kitty decided he likes hanging out here. She is just too cute for words ;)

Just what I need in my life another pussy cat...


October 19, 2011

Bone Crusher

Hubby decided to get this alarm clock since my son has a problem getting up in the morning. Now it's time to take it out the box and see what this bad boy can do ;)

And just in case, here's another one just in case the first one didn't work.


October 18, 2011

I Have A Nasty Fuckin Habit

My nasty little habit of shopping means I need to have more give aways real soon ;)
So my addiction will be your reward.

Now that some of my office is done, it's time for me to start making giveaway videos on my youtube channel...


In New York City , sept 11th memorial fountains. Twin Towers :(

Taken at New york city

October 11, 2011

Bad Ass Christian Louboutin Boots !

Normally I don't do silver. But when I took a look at these super cute boots, I just could not resist.

These Christian Louboutin Boots are so bad ass to me ;p
Here's the website:


October 10, 2011

@DDSoFla Eat Me & Drink Me

It's a rough morning seeing how I did not go to sleep till early this morning.
Now this is my little piece of enjoyment before the day begins ;) Thank You Dunkin Donuts !

How do you start your morning ?


31st Birthday


October 8, 2011

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

This is a really nice piece I picked up in

My mom really liked it, so I went and purchased another one for her.
It says - Mi Casa Es Su Casa
Which means - My House Is Your House.

Is their a cute picture or painting you have in your home ?


October 7, 2011

No One Puts Baby In The Corner ?

I have this little kitchen corner that I needed to fill. So I decided to make it a cool spot to chill and hang out with family & friends when we are in the kitchen cooking. I think it looks a lot better then just an empty spot.

What do you think ? What would you have put here ? Would you have left it empty ?


I Smell Like Jersey

Today I smell like Jersey,
Yeah I said it ;)
Check out Chanel new scent.


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