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April 30, 2011

My baby girl is such a pro !! #Forkift #working

Taken at #ASecondChanceAround #Kisses

My baby girl is such a pro !! #Forkift #working

Taken at #ASecondChanceAround #Kisses

Don't adjust your cameras, lol this is called blinding rain in #Aventura #SFL #Weather

Taken at #ASecondChanceAround #Kisses

April 28, 2011

Let's Play

Taken at #ASecondChanceAround

I still have my skirts from my teenage years

Taken at Miami

Recycling Curls

So I needed to recycle an old shirt to create some beautiful bouncy curls on my daughters hair. Now you would ask , why not just use a curling iron and make it easy on yourself ? Well , the answer to that is , this is how my great grandmother did it and my grandmother & my mother. So of course I have to pass these cool ways to my daughter ;)

What better t-shirt to use then this cute recycling shirt from target.
And yes I also used my fabric scissors ;)

A Second Chance Around

April 26, 2011

Twitter Me Now !!

Freak Guess Shoe Contest ;)

I have decided to hold a different contest today.

If you are subscribed to my youtube channel
and live in the United States
You can enter the contest.

Rules :
1. Go to my latest youtube video and leave a comment saying hi ;)

2. Then create me a freak flag !
Send me a twitpic of my Freak Flag to my twitter -
Link this contest

3. This contest starts today April 26th 2011
Till May 3rd 2011

4. Please make sure you have a physical address where FedEx can be sent and signed for to receive your prize.

5. Winner will be picked by A Second Chance Around.

Here's the prize ;)

- A Second Chance Around

As Sweet As Apple Pie

Check out these super tasty treats. They are in the freezer section. They are fantastic.
Every night I make two of these and enjoy them. They are the perfect size.

Have you had these ?
What do you think of them ?
Do you have a favorite snack before bedtime ?
Scroll down past the photos and let me know What's your favorite snack before bedtime ?

- A Second Chance Around

Just fixed up my shorts ;)

Taken at FTL

April 23, 2011

Goodbye California

It was a lot of fun being in California this past week. Even though I was sick as a dog & in so much pain, I think I made the best out of it. The only thing worse then how I was feeling, was the traffic from Barack Hussein Obama II visit to California.

Now back to making a new contest video.

Hmmm, what will I give away next.

- A Second Chance Around

April 17, 2011

Getting ready for my trip ;) I have a lot to do.

Taken at Planes, trains & automobiles,

Burning The Candles At Both Ends

I thought I would purchase this candle and have a cool glass container to use for my makeup brushes when I was done with it.

You know how much I luv recycling things I use.

But sadly enough, as beautiful as the scent was the candle will not light again. So now it's a waste.
The candle doesn't stay on.

So what I have to do now is empty the candle from the glass and recycle the glass for my makeup brushes.

If you have seen these glass candles don't bother buying them. They are worthless as a candle.

Here are the pictures so you know which ones to look out for.

And just in case your wondering,
No it's not just this candle from one store. I purchased a few of them from different stores and they all did the same thing.

It will light the first time, but then fade and not work again.

- A Second Chance Around

I just purchased some new beach towels ;)

Taken at Aventura, Florida

April 15, 2011

Shoe Of The Week For Friday ! Free Shoe Contest

Smell As Fresh As A Daisy

Check out these very cute air freshener's.
They smell really nice, just like flowers ;)
They have a built in stand on the back of them.
So you can place them on the counter or on the desk.
Check them out in your local supermarket.

- A Second Chance Around

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