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January 23, 2011

Time To Get Drunk ... Not

Recycle, Reduse, Reuse !

Today I felt like showing you some of my favorite R.R.R ( Recycle, Reduse, Reuse ) tricks.

Do you have a great bottle of glass you just finished drinking, but don't want to throw the bottle away ?

I do, so this is what I do.
I take the glass bottle and rinse it out with warm water & soap.

Then I take all the stickers of it.
Like the ones that you see here that say Patron.

Now, if you also like the stickers then you can always leave them on.

This project is done with glass bottles, but you can use plastic ones if you like.

I like having a beautiful bath time with oils & bubbles.
So this is a pretty way to display your pretty bottles.
Now that my bottles is empty and clean. This is what I pour into them.
It takes about 4 of these plastic bottles to refill one of my glass bottles.

Now that I have filled my glass bottle up with my fav bath oil, I place it next to my tub and it looks great.

Of course you can always use those 4 plastic bottles for something else. Or you can put them to be recycled.

Hope this will inspire you to create your own project.

Let me know what you created, I luv to hear new ideas.

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