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January 19, 2011

Lick Your Lips

Here's the magazine advertisement that started the shopping ; )

First things first, I want to thank Eric at Aventura Mall for the awesome service he gave me. If you have the luck in having him help you it will be worth it.
( He will go the extra mile to help and sell you more... LoL )
Just kidding.

So here are the new Clinique - chubby stick moisturizing lip balms.

Now don't let the color of these sticks fool you.
They don't really have a dark tint. They go on very smooth, and keep your lips soft. The tint is light which makes it perfect for a touch of color without it being to dark on your lips.

I would say this is the perfect lip balms for anyone who wants to look natural & not to made up.

Which would go great with the mascara I blogged about yesterday.

Link for the mascara is :

How do you wear your makeup ?
do you have some ideas for a natural look or more of a made up look ?

Let me know what brands you think are great.

Contest to win a free Clinique Chubby Stick will be posted later this week
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