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January 17, 2011

I'm Tired Of The Bitchin

Anyone who recieves stuff from me that annoys you...

(That I'm not even aware of)

For anyone else, since my sister & baby past away this summer I haven't really bothered anyone with request, emails, post or tweets, or any dam thing you want to call it. I have just gotten back lately to at least fuckin tweeting and status updates on facebook so if out of my three fuckin games I play, that make me happy seems to screw up and send people who don't want to play or just don't want the free gifts or whatever the hell it is that it sends out, then un fuckin friend me and don't worry about hurting my dam fuckin feeling. If life for you is so dam hard, that the email takes up your whole precious time, then unfriend me. Trust me after the summer I had it doesn't hurt me.

And if this post offends you then unfriend me.
I'm tired of the fuckin bitchin for stuff that's not even important.

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