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November 17, 2011

I Don't Want To Go To School


Teen- I don't want to go to school !

Safta- Why ? What's wrong ?

Teen- I don't feel good.

( We have all heard these words and have been fooled one way or another. And sometimes they didn't feel good, other times they fake it.

So here is what happens after years of dealing with kids...

Teen- I don't feel good.

Safta- ok you can stay home !

BUT ...
Here are the rules, since you don't feel good-
1. No cellphone
2. No tv
3. No going to ride your bike
4. No walking to the store
5. In the afternoon you will have some soup and a glass of water .
6. You will stay in bed all day.
7. No playing with your toys.
8. No listening to your iPod.
9. No your friend can't come over after they get out of school.
10. At night you will have dinner then straight back to bed.

Teen - OMG , why !!!!????
I'm home, then I'll be bored.

Safta- cause sweetie , you don't feel good and you need to save your energy for school the next day.

Teen- umm, I don't feel that bad.
Maybe I'll just go to school ;(

Safta- Are you sure sweetie cause I would not want you to go to school if you feel bad !?

Teen - forget it ! I'm not staying home bored :p
I'll be ok.

Safta- ok, well have a great day at school. I luv you ;)

Teen- ( mumbles ) whatever !!!

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