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November 19, 2011

@MCHammer ... 99%er ????

What you tweeted :

I'm an original 99%er ... Created #jobs everywhere I went ... with MY money ... invested in MY community ..
99% Boy !!!!

How Others see it -

You may have been a 99%er , but through hard work, sweat & tears you pulled yourself out.
And for that you deserve RESPECT !!

And in doing hard work you then became a 1%er !!!!
And we got nothin but luv for you for that.
Cause when you did, you took all the 99%er with you and showed them luv !!!
You gave them jobs & dreams to fulfill.

But when you work so hard,
bad people and bad things dragged you down.

You are and will always be a 1%er who worked hard, achieved goals and gave back to your community !!!
You didn't forget where you came from.

And a lot of old schoolers learned a powerful lesson from you.
( You can't touch this !! )

Much Luv
A Second Chance Around 💋

A Second Chance Around
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