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May 24, 2011

What's That Smell ?

One scent I hadn’t heard of until recently was Kai Fragrance, a wonderful perfume, bath, bodycare fragrance company. I was off on a fabulous weekend with hubby at the W hotel and came across this wonderful fragrance at their shops.

I was excited to purchase the kai gift set.  It comes with kai roll-on perfume oil , a kai body lotion and a kai fragrance candle with matches. The body wash is also in this cute little white bag. I dont know if my gift set was tampered with seeing how I didn't receive the cute little towel  : (
Then again I wont complain since I also did not pay the $110.00 price. So I won't complain about a hand towel : )
I was not thrilled with the candle. I really didn't smell anything from it.
But all and all I am a fan with the lotion and oil !!
That's why I purchased extra lotions and oils.
kai is not sold directly on the website, but can be purchased at W Hotel, many different online retailersboutiques and stores across the US.                   

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