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December 15, 2010

My Website Was Stolen...

My website for over 10 years has been

But today, I find out that not only was it stolen from me, but was done in such a way that I have no way of getting it back unless as YAHOO says " I take them to court "

Yahoo, I can't believe this is how you would treat loyal customers over 15 years.
And then try to pin the blame on us. What a way to help support your customers. I now have canceled all my websites that are connected with yahoo. My only website now is -

So please be careful if receiving any emails from from my old website.
The only email I have is
I am not giving up my name since a lot of you know how much my name means to me.

And if one day I'm lucky to get it back I will post a bulletin.

Thank you for reading !!

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