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February 5, 2011

I Am Every Woman

I'm Every Woman.

I am beautiful and ugly,

I luv to learn and don't want to know nothing.

I talk to much. I don't talk enough.

I cry when I'm angry, I cry when I'm sad and also when happy.

I'm a bitch for some reasons. And sometimes for no reason.

I laugh softly, and loud.
I feel worthless and yet special.

I am unique and the same.
I adore people and don't want to bother with them.

I am busy and have nothing to do.

I love softly and love very strong.
I hold on to tight, and yet I always let go.

I give in for no reason, and stubborn as a mule.

I am a woman, and sometimes feel like a man.

I am girly and boyish.

I am spoiled and have nothing.
I have everything and need nothing.

I am rich and have no money.
I have money and I'm not rich.

I am educated and don't have a diploma.
I have degrees and no knowledge.

I curse and say no mean words.
I use mean words and don't curse.

I am Puerto Rican, and I am American.
I am me and not you.
I am you and not me.

I am every woman and every woman is me.

Written By Me :
A Second Chance Around
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